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What are the Different Uses of Isopropyl Alcohol in Your Home?

Isopropyl alcohol is very important in many industries. In industries, isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent, an extracting solution and a cleaning agent. However isopropyl alcohol is not only used in industrial applications. You also use isopropyl alcohol in your home regularly which you may not even be aware of, other than using it as an antiseptic.

Below are some of the ways that isopropyl alcohol is used in the home.

Isopropyl alcohol can remove ink stains. Even if the label states permanent, it can still be removed. You can remove ink stains easily by putting a generous amount of isopropyl alcohol to a cotton ball. But to prevent it from spreading, you need to blot the stain in only one direction.

You can also remove oil stains with isopropyl alcohol. You simply need to soak a paper towel in the alcohol and blot the stained area. Do not rub since it can worsen the situation.

Printer cartridges can also be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Your printer can be in good running condition for a long time if you clean it regularly. The best way to clean your printer cartridge is with the use of isopropyl alcohol. Using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, you can clean your printer cartridges. Just don’t include the printer head or the nozzle plate.

You can also clean your laptop with isopropyl alcohol. You simply need to mix one part of isopropyl alcohol with one part of water. A film is left on the surface of your laptop if you use ammonia based cleaners. With a line free cloth, moisten it and use it on the laptop, and remember not to use alcohol straight on the surface of your laptop.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to clean crystal chandeliers. This process is not easy but you can clean your crystal chandeliers with a mixture of 25 percent alcohol mixed with 75 percent distilled water.

If you have a sound system and you want it to maintain a good audio performance, then you have to clean your interconnect sockets by using isopropyl alcohol and give a good scrub to your connections.

Don’t forget your isopropyl alcohol if you are going to the beach since this is a remedy for swimmer’s ear. The remedy for swimmer’s ear is a 50-50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar.

Another use for isopropyl alcohol is as an insect repellant. Rubbing isopropyl alcohol on your mosquito bites will give it fast relief. To make an insect repellant solution, you can mix your isopropyl alcohol with vegetable oil and water. If this mixture is poured in a sprayer, you have an instant insect repellant.

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